A near future full length science fiction novel with politically charged satire and a healthy dose of black comedy. The controversial cult classic that gained notoriety as an author published WordPress.

Meet Nancy Johnson, the half android, half human federal cop who deactivates illicit androids with her high voltage Annihilator weapon. Before Nancy had her brain inter-faced with an advanced AI processor, she was Vanessa Alvarado, a beautiful Colombian college student who knew Captain Dominguez as Oscar Mendoza, an American spy on a mission to infiltrate the Inca Resurrección, a dangerous drug gang based high in the Peruvian Andes.

And who’s side is Eddie Dominguez really on anyway? … and why did the same guy who gave him his undercover assignments introduce him to Winston February? … the advanced Andy Smith Custom with the clinically insane creator who wants to eliminate the human race?

It’s within the realm of possibility that artificial intelligence could some day begin to think for itself. In the future, robots with cyber brains might begin making their own decisions, without the limitations of man’s organic brain, and without the foolish mistakes he makes because of his primitive instincts … robots like Winston February, a super intelligent android who takes control of a worldwide corporation, and then tosses the owner out of a helicopter into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean …

February offers Eddie a new job, smuggling illicit worker androids across the border. Eddie forms an alliance with an eccentric Mexican crime boss and makes millions. Everything is going great for Eddie and Larry and their screwball gang of computer programmers and truck driving misfits, but the cops are on to them. Just about the time the heat moves in, the robots turn on the humans, and Nancy’s DTIA agents make an astounding discovery …


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Unlawful Presence


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